Friday, March 26, 2010

Murphy's Law

Whatsup with Murphy's Law that is seems to come into play when I'm about to go out?
I'm talkin like the week/day/hour/ before a date, somethin TOTALLY fluky seems to happen.
Perhaps the random snowstorm in midst of spring the day a guy flew in for me and brought spring clothing?
What about bringing 3 inch heels on a date and BAM! the guy decides to take you to the beach=slitted boards on the boardwalk and sand to sink the heels into?
Or, that the weather prediction is sun all week long and it starts POURING rain 20 minutes before the date-the kind of rain where your umbrella inverts and you go flying after it and end up soaked to the bone, umbrella-less.

Well, the last time I had a date the guy was due to show up at 7:00pm. About 6:50pm when I'm just about putting on the 'final touches', the doorbell rings. He's EARLY? WHO comes to pick up a girl EARLY? isn't that like against the rules or somethin? But, no, it is our neighbor who decided to 'drop in' to borrow something that they asked us for a few days back. Instead of calling to make sure that (a) someone was home (b) we had the item ready (c) it was a good time, they just showed. So you can imagine the sudden panic as we quickly grabbed the item, and escorted our neighbor out the door minutes before my date showed up.

The time before that? same thing happened! only different neighbor, different date, and different time.

Am I the only one with this curse?

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