Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Im Yirtze Hashem by YOU!"

At a wedding I attended this week, it seemed that the average age for single girls at this wedding was 22. OK, so I'm a bit older than 22, but I'm still a kid at heart and had no problem fitting in with the crowd (plus I was armed with my funky, hot-pink, silicon covered iphone, so I was able to look busy by checking important emails-aka playing taptap revenge app).

While I had the occasional 'back rub' from 'good hearted' and 'well meaning people', I didn't get even ONE "im yirtze Hashem by you' wish (THANK THE GOOD L-RD). Although I really DO hate when random people who I have nothing to do with, walk over to me and rub their hand in the small of my back which is an extension of their well wishes and 'soon by you-without actually saying it'. Honestly peeps! Do NOT come over to me and even touch me, let alone a back rub-seriously man! I should have that roadsign ironed onto my wedding outfits that looks like this!
Anyway, I went home quite glad that I didn't get the I"YH by yous.
HOWEVER, I was at the Sheva Brachos the other night and chatting with the Kallah and her family when this woman I know walks over to me and puts her hand-yes, you got it-on my back and says with a big smile "Im Yirtze Hashem by You-Soon, Soon".
Luckily, I didn't have any alcohol, otherwise I woulda told her where to go, but I just did as the penguins in the Disney movie Madagascar wisely advised "just smile and wave boys-smile and wave!'


  1. You would rather have people rub your back than say "I"YH by you"? I don't mind people saying "I"YH by you" but if they start touching me, I'm gonna have a problem. Fortunately most guys I know wouldn't do either, I guess it's different for girls.

  2. Put some kind of zap button or spikes on your back...that should do the trick to stop them. :)

  3. hehe - funny post. I agree with BJG - BACK OFF PPL! No touchy. I'd rather it got verbal :)

  4. "Smile and wave" - ha! Exactly. Not "I will punch you in the throat." That may not go so well.