Monday, March 15, 2010


I thought I had my share of limitations. I mean, you'd think that just by me BEING an out-of-towner, that would be the worst of limitations. As lately the excuse has been 'this guy doesn't want an out-of-town girl' or 'his mother doesn't want to deal with out-of-towners', or 'well, it's difficult as if things work out, that means yomim tovim will have to be split so...'
Also, the fact that I am shorter than average in height=another limitation. Some guys won't go out with girls shorter than say, 5"5. Others won't go out with girls 2 inches of their height. Lemme just say, I ALWAYS wear heals on dates and other 'occasions' which are atleast 2 inches (ok, and I have my daily platforms for added comfort), but c'mon. I have friends who married guys 2 heads taller than them. Heck-my cousin is 6"7-seriously-he's HUGE, and he married a girl who is 5"1. You should see that wedding photo-he's like arching over her and she stood on a crate just to fit them in the same pic-lol!
But, getting back to limitations, I know everyone has their preferences, writer included, and everyone has the right to decide where to draw the line, but tonight, as my friend Huvie so eloquently put it: this has got to be a limitation for the books!
You see, I send my info at the request of a shadchan about a month ago. Then 2 weeks later, I got a call asking me to send it again. This week they called me informing me that the boy doesn't go out with girls unless there is a common reference who knows both sides. YES, you heard it here. Obviously, we'd all like to have someone who knows both us, as well as the gentlemen (or woman) in question, but it doesn't always work out that way and sometimes you gotta call references or find someone who knows someone (and even someone who knows that someone's someone). So ya, considering the fact that the guy mentioned is 'older' and literally, I thought I was from out-of-town, this guy is from Hupitz (no offense, Chabad houses & Coca-Cola distributors) so putting this limitation on Shidduchim for someone with his stats has GOT to be a really not-so-smart decision, but hey, everyone can draw the line where they want.....right?

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  1. What does this guy think he is, caviar?

    We aren't in the shtetl anymore, cookie. If he wants a mutual friend, then he's a certified bozo.