Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strange How Things Turn Out

This has been the craziest 2 days in a looong time.

But the weird thing is what I have been writing on this blog for the last few days has all joined together and become part of my life in the last day. Here's how things worked out.

For Starters: I have yet, another wedding. This one I will be attending and it starts really early, so I'm a little stressed on getting there on time (The Kallah asked me today what time I'm leaving my house-GULP!) and finding parking (the hall is on a one-way street with a large public school and very few parking spots and unfortunately for valet). Just a few posts ago, I wrote about being invited to weddings as a pity vote. B"H this is not one of 'those' weddings. This time I actually know the Kallah (we're friends) and I know the family well.

Secondly, my good friend if moving to NY and this is all very sudden and emotional. To add to my stress, she's leaving tonight=when I will be at the wedding....not enough time for me to chill with her, but perhaps I'll leave during the meal. This comes after I wrote about out-of-towners packing themselves up and moving to NY, is it all worth it? I hope so for this friend. Chavs-good luck out there. I hope the New Yorkers welcome you with open arms and provide the same warmth that our hometown is proudly known for :)
and lastly, after writing the previous blog entry 'just say no' I just received a call from a Shadchan, who had 'redd' me a boy about 2 weeks ago and never heard back from him. (and no, it wasn't "J", only becuz I know that this guy isn't Canadian, which "J" claims to be) So, perhaps this guy was reading my blog and it finally got him to make the big move?

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  1. I happen to enjoy going to weddings, especially when I don't know the kallah. When I get invited I don't think of it as a pity invite, but because I know the parents and they would like me to attend. I get more annoyed when high school classmates who I never socialized with then and haven't seen for 5 years invite me, because they just want somone to shriek and make a fuss.