Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 Day Break

Happy New Year y'all!
Hope everyone had a meaningful Rosh Hashana and may all your Tefilos be answered l'Tovah and may you be Blessed with all your hearts' desires!
So, I was thinking, which is good, because you're supposed to do some serious thinking during Aseres Yemei Teshuva-you know, reflect on the past year and all that stuff.
Firstly, new years resolutions-always be positive :)
I've already put that into good use as of last night. You see, one of my top 3 TV (yes, I have a TV and I don't hide it...actualy, perhaps I shouldn't say this during aseres yemei teshuva, but maybe admitting it IS doing teshuva?...anyway) shows was premiering Monday and I wanted to watch it, but it coincided with the 'breaking of the fast' fress-feast, and yes, my mom baked FRESH HOMEMADE BREAD ROLLS! but, I realized, that I can watch it online, so I enjoyed the warm rolls and went online 1 hour later. I searched and searched and search, basically I was desperate to watch the show. and 2 hours later, I still couldn't find it. I found sites that 'claimed' all I had to do was answer a survey and i would be able to watch, but I got nowhere and finally gave up. Then I realized that when trying to go to other sites, news, email, etc. my pc was slowing down and not connecting.
The next morning, I ran a virus check and it turns out-GULP-i have a VIRUS!!! So, obviously, my pc being my life, I flipped out and ran ANOTHER check. and there was no way this virus was getting deleted or virus vaulted or whatever way viruses get extinguished. So I called my tech guy who told me it was THAT bad and he would have to take it in to fix.
Now, I remember my new year's resolution=think POSITIVE! so here's the outcome: Yes, my pc has a virus, and hopefully all work on my pc will be saved and I learned my lesson (a) don't be THAT desperate, I could've waited 1 day and watched it without even searching (b) no TV in Aseres Yemei Teshuva=im supposed to be DOING Teshuva, not watching 'narishkeit'...lastly (c) here's where the positive comes in: B"H I have 3 laptops and 1 desktop at home, so you see, it's NOT the end of the world...
So, you're all welcome to join me in being more POSITIVE this year. There is always another way to look at a situation, and I choose the 'glass half full' approach!
Have a happy day :)


  1. if you do go back to watching "nareshkeit" tv shows after the 10 days i recommend using or . None of their links lead you to the survey websites. I have never gotten a virus from these websites but thats primarily because i have a mac :)

  2. What series? I couldn't get House same day but got it next morning from pirate bay.

    For viruses, forget about safe mode. I managed to destroy a self replicating virus that's not removable with anti-virus with 3 things. Ubuntu, minipe and drweb. On a clean computer, burn ubuntu and minipe and put drweb on a usb drive. Boot into ubuntu trial and delete all temp files in local temp and windows temp. Also delete recently created, no modified but created, files in system32, that look weird. Boot into minipe and run drweb. You can also edit registry from minipe without having to deal with undeletable reg keys.

  3. For those who know, the virus was Virut. Yes, it's possible to recover from a Virut infection and yes I have actually done it. Contrary to what most "professionals" tell you online.

  4. JustAGirl and Moshe: thanks for your advice. B"H my tech guy took it in and hopefully all my files will be spared! and in the meantime "forgive me father for i have sinned" ....I watched the season premiere of....HOUSE the next night online, on a diff. pc=virus free" :(

  5. I hope it's not gonna kill the show. The last thing anyone wants is a nice and happy House.

    I hope you have a real tech guy and the generic tech guy who's solution to everything is reinstall windows, losing all settings, saved password and bookmarks.

  6. Is TV a sin? I think the jury is still out on that one. But confession is not enough, my child.

  7. use for all your tv needs. remember to open up the beta player so your show actually loads.