Thursday, September 10, 2009

What are the Odds?

Yesterday was the most oddest day yet. The strangest thing happened.
First, some background info so u can understand what a typical workday is like for me.
I work in a Jewish office with about 15 people on average. The workplace is almost ALWAYS busy with all kinds of things going on, there are different departments, etc.
There is also an elderly gentleman who basically 'started' this whole organization and even though he retired from his position, he has been 'volunteering' so to speak, aka, he's here EVERY DAY walking around, looking for things to do, people to talk to, etc.
He's also my personal 'shadchan', meaning, he's always telling me how sweet I am and how he's trying to find me a nice guy, etc. (good for me ego-lol!)
Now, back to yesterday.
This elderly man comes to my office and asks me to help him print out some of his emails and help him with the photocopy machine, which I help him with. He smiles at me (as usual) and tells me how special I am, etc. and that soon, I will see why I am so important here.
I continue doing my work, and about 1/2 hour later, while doing computer work and on the phone, I see this young man standing outside my office. He's nicely dressed, has my kinda 'look' and suddenly, I stop what I am doing to try and see his face. Of course, at that moment he walks away and I am curious. Then I see the elderly man from my office has his arm around this guy and they walk away.
I run to my co-worker and ask her what the deal is. She didn't seem to know. I then go to my other co-worker in a different office and she didn't know either. So in the meantime, I move to the flatscreen where we have our camera system and I'm trying to fix the plug so that I can view all cameras to get a look at this guy.
At that same moment, when I am on the floor, on my hands and knees fixing the plug, the elderly man comes up behind me and whispers for me to get up, get up quick as he has someone he'd like me to meet.
I'm dying of embarassment (a) because I think I know what he means by 'introduce' (b) because I am on the floor on my hands and knees (not the most glorious position, especially for first impressios) (c) as I had mentioned, this entire week I had weddings, etc. so my hair was nice, i was wearing nice clothes, etc. and this was my first 'non-wedding' day so I dressed completely down and ultimately casual....and lastly (d) because my co-workers are standing around watching.
In any case, my co-worker asked what his name was and as he says his name, I then realized that this same boy was 'redd' to me over the past few weeks and I heard very good things about him. So here I am thinking, what ARE the odds that this same boy, who I've been hearing so much about and such good things (I know this for a fact as my friend knows him very well and they are family friends) just 'shows up' at my office with this 'elderly man'. So I'm standing there like an idiot, just not knowing what to do or say, my co-workers are wondering what is going on, the guy just kept smiling, we made 'small talk' for like 3 minutes and then he left.
I was a bit weirded out by this whole mini episode and I figured my 'elderly man' aka 'shadchan' would gimme an explanation as to what he had up his sleeve, but mysteriously he didn't come back for the rest of the day.
Today my co-worker told me that after this boy left, the 'elderly man' came to her to tell her that he brought in this guy as he knows his family very well, they daven together and are friends, he watched this boy grow up and he is a very good guy, he wanted him to meet me. It turns out this guy decided I wasn't for him (rumor in this office is: I wasn't tall enough....i was wearing my flats yesterday).
So, I had to share this here and wonder what ARE the odds of something like this happening.... to you?

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  1. Crazy story!! It's like this one time where a doctor in my dad's building told me he'd love his son to meet me, and one day (*what a coincidence*) this guy walks into my dad's store and asks me if I know where Dr. So&So's office is...hellooooo, and who might YOU be?! way too obvious :) but makes for cute stories...