Monday, September 7, 2009

Wow! What a Wedding!

A friend of mine told me "there's nothing wrong with being inspired in Elul". I didn't really get what she was saying at the time, however, after last night-it all became clear.
You see, last night I had yet another wedding (Baruch Hashem!) to attend. This wedding was a truly special Simcha. The Kallah was a girl from Eastern Europe, born to a Jewish mother, who came to school in America and became Frum. Unfortunately, her mother passed away, leaving her an orphan.
The Chosson was a boy, also from Eastern Europe, maybe even the same small town. He too, left to America as a 14 year old boy, went to Yeshiva, became Frum and got engaged to this girl.
What was most special about this wedding is how 2 communities united together to celebrate this beautiful Simcha and make this wedding most leibedik!
The Kallah, who unfortunately had no family, was glowing. All her classmates, friends, and even friends from her hometown, who are now married and living in Canada/USA came to be MeSameach Chosson V'Kallah. The Chosson's friends came as well as a busload of Bochurim and boys from the local Yeshivas over here.
It was a truly inspiring wedding. I literally went from tears (at the badeken) to true Simcha (dancing my heart out and doing shtick that was unimaginable). The girls and boys who came from all over, even from a few blocks away really outdid themselves. The Kallah must've felt sooo good knowing that the entire city came to participate in her Simcha.
Just goes to show what a wonderful place I live in, and what a warm community we have that takes in people and puts together a most elegant wedding for this young couple.
May everyone who helped make this Simcha continue to make and participate in many more Simchas to come. And for everyone who wasn't present at this Simcha, may you all be able to feel the TRUE Simcha of being MeSameach a Chosson & Kallah soon!