Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Siyum Hashas-MAZEL TOV!

As y'all know, tonight is the biggest event in Jewish history=the 12th Siyum Hashas. Jews from all around the globe will be joining together to celebrate the completion of the Daf Yomi cycle. I, for one, am truly excited about this. No, I'm not a guy, hence I don't learn Daf Yomi, but my fathers & brothers do. Each night they go to learn and after 7.5 years of daily daf, they get to have a massive celebration together with atleast 90,000 people at the Met stadium alone. 
Of course, where we live, they will be having a live hookup to the stadium celebrations, as will most out of town cities, but you can feel the excitement in the air, you can see the extra bounce in the guys' walk this past week, the talk about siyum, etc. 
I was just thinking, with Tu B'Av coming up and sooo many men/boys participating in the event, it would've been a great idea (atleast I think it would) to have given each single guy attending a white number to wear. That way anyone watching can sorta say 'well, guy #407 really had such hasmada, I would appreciate someone like that' or 'did you see the way that guy davened Mincha-Wow! #83 is TOTALLY the kind of guy I'm looking for'. Purely based on the way a bochur should act at such an event, at his best moment, when celebrating such a simcha. Imagine how cool that would be. Sorta like a wedding but one million times bigger (hence the white number tags), up on a jumbo tron (again, a million times larger), for all to see and for those who can-to appreciate.
Mazel Tov to all those boys/men who have completed the Daf Yomi and may we continue to celebrate many more and continue to sell out stadiums worldwide for all to see, hear, and appreciate, for only Simchas & good things!


  1. Though you are a young lady, it is quite permissible for you to study Daf-Yomi.

    I was in Kibbutz Tirat-Tzvi this summer and a resident told me that they offer a Daf-Yomi Shiur for women.

  2. The moderator said:
    Did you see the way that guy davened Mincha-Wow!
    #83 is TOTALLY the kind of guy I'm looking for.

    How many Orthodox girls would want to date a man because of the way he prayed Minchah?
    Or because of the way he studied Torah?

    What you really meant to say is that you want to date a man because you liked his height or his hair or the clothes he wore.

  3. And if you love Torah so much, then when are you going to join my web site for divrei Torah?