Sunday, August 19, 2012

Potential Date or Potential Babysitter?

I've been Punk'd. Yes folks, you heard it from me first. Honestly, I didn't fall for it immediately, but then I realized something was a bit sketch.
It all started when I received a phone call from an unknown number. Turns out it was someone from the neighborhood who I see from time to time and who is friendly'ish' (friendly meaning=says hello, smiles that nebech smile when she sees me as I'm single and 'oy, nebach' not 17 or 18). Anyway she called to tell me that this guy she knows is coming to town. Turns out after the 10 minute conversation that;
a) she didn't really know him, only spoke to him on the phone a few times
b) she never met him
c) she was trying to help him because he's single and looking to marry an 'out-of-towner'
d) trying to find him someone to date when he was coming to town
e) she thanked me for being so sweet to agree to this (not that I knew what she was referring to at that point)
so she tells me basics (sorta like when chatrooms first came out and every convo started with 'asl?') and asks if it sounds 'shayach'. I kindly thank her for having me in mind and tell her to send me the details. In the interim, whatever she told me by phone has changed from a few years older, to a different background, to a different job, etc. All according to the resume I received. Suffice it to say it sounded really odd and not what I was looking for. In the interim, whilst I was trying to sort out details and find out which was the truth, I realized this was all pretty pointless as I had no clue if the guy was even interested. So I called her back and explained that  before trying to decipher all the information, she should find out if he was even interested. She thanked me endlessly and confirmed that I would have to be available for the specific dates when he would be coming to visit her and to keep my calendar open for him. I never had such an advanced planned out date. I also felt like-if he needed a tour guide, or someone to keep him busy, I can provide him with phone numbers, but if this was a serious shidduch suggestion and he was interested and I was interested, we can start moving things along earlier, like BEFORE his planned trip to my town. The woman sounded more like-thanks for agreeing to babysit him on his week trip, than, this is a great shidduch suggestion. Then again, how can she even know if it is a great suggestion=she doesn't even know the guy.
Suffice it to say, at the end of this entire saga, guy turned out to be much older than my age range (anyone say baby daddy?) and even at that age, was being picky and not interested due to minor, stupid specifics which did not match up to his standards.
Don't get me wrong;
a) I don't care
b) It woulda been a lot of time and work getting information and finding references
c) yay=free week to party :)

So, I hope he finds a potential babysitter on his visit. I, in the meantime, am looking for a potential date. Not just a one-time date who wants to keep busy on his vacation... Any bidders?

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