Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I know I'm obessed with the hit TV series, "Grey's Anatomy" every since it came out. I mean die-hard fan. I got the DVD, the ringtone, watched every episode, cried with them, laughed with them and even dreamed of my own McDreamy one day soon. That's where my title comes in.
For those of you reading this, who aren't in the know, lemme speak my mind and you will understand where my 'seriously?!?!' comes to play.
Everyone has a title, especially when it comes to Shidduchim. A girl has to have a job title, her parents need job titles, it can't be anything plain and simple Heaven forbid, it has to be something fancy, something that sounds very sophisticated and certainly more educated then to write 'secretary'. I think I've seen them all, from friend's shidduch resumes, to people I've redd shidduchim for, etc. They get very creative or have a REALLY good thesaurus.
But today takes the cake! A close friend of mine, Suri, just got a call from a Shadchan who she has been dealing with for a while now. The Shadchan called to tell her that whilst perusing her resume, she noticed that Suri wrote 'secretary' or something similar sounding. The Shadchan asked Suri to please change the resume to state 'office manager' as it sounds better and then send it back to the Shadchan.
I mean-SERIOUSLY?!?!??!


  1. Same here. I was a secretary. Now I'm an office manager. Except it was my father who made the revision.

  2. I was told to change it to administrative assistant.
    I told the Shadchanim, very politely, to bugger off. And now I'm not interested in Shidduchim anymore, because that's just utterly stupid.