Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crossed Wires

So the other night, my friend was on a date, sitting in the car talking with this guy. Her phone kept vibrating (atleast she remembered to put it on vibrate this time!) and she spoke a bit louder, hoping he wouldn't hear the constant 'buzz' of the vibrating phone in her bag. Eventually, she reached into her bag and pressed the 'end' button.
BUT-what she didn't realized, was that her phone was upside down in her bag, so she had really pressed the 'answer' button.
Yes folks-how much worse could this get?
So the girl trying to reach my friend, said 'hello' but instead of hearing a response, she heard a guy's voice and figured something was obviously going on here and she would continue listening. Of course the caller 'tried' saying hello a few more times, but sat on the phone listening to my friend and her date talking in the car. Eventually, after a couple of minutes, the caller hung up.
It's lucky that the caller is a mutual friend of ours and hung up soon enough, but I can't help and think what I would do in such a situation. Am I a stalker? of course not. Am I curious? isn't everyone curious at some point? Would I be a bit worried, hearing a guy speaking in the background of my friend's answered cell? definitely.
What would you do if you're wires crossed? stay on the line or hang up?

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  1. I first have to consider the legal and halachic ramifications and liabilities of this negligent act for both parties at either end of the phone before I consider the ethical and moral issue.

    But, in short, there is no question that I'd IMMEDIATELY hang up if I was the listener. I ABHOR yentas with a passion.

    Why would you be worried to hear a male in the background of your friend's answered phone? You think she's in danger?