Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yeshiva Directory

We've all done our research, asked friends, cousins, brothers, uncles, relatives, Rabbis, trying to find out about different Yeshivos around the world.
Yes-all are YESHIVAS, but there are different strokes for different folks. There is an obvious difference between Ohr Somayach and Yeshivas Brisk. The question is, for someone who is not knowledgeable in the 'ways of men being educated in the Frum system' and all the new Yeshivas popping up each year in Israel, the States and abroad-how can we find out what 'type' they are and what the reputation of that Yeshiva is?
I suggest....(drum roll please) The Yeshiva Directory.
Every so often, I come across some nomadic html website with just txt links of names of yeshivas and rabbis there, but I mean, plain, simple, Yeshiva Name: City: 1-3 words describing what type
Wouldn't it make life so much simpler?

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  1. Something like that has actually been done. A couple friends of mine recently put together a database of all the chabad yeshivas, the rabbis there, and some pros and cons abt the place.