Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Matchmaker Mommies

Before I go on-this is NOT a Purim Prank!
This is a true story about singles trusting their very own mothers to set them up.
Don't get me wrong-I absolutely LUV my mom and wouldn't ask for better, but when it comes to setting up your own kids-I mean, I can't help but think of every guy's mom I know and that just makes me think of the 'well no one is good enough for MY son!' type.
Last week was the first time in years that my mom and I actually agreed on the looks of a guy-ya he was cute, he had sparkling eyes, nice hair and a gorgeous smile-I mean, he was HOT and we both agreed on that, only one small problem, now that we finally agreed on a guy-he happened to be NOT Jewish! Oh well!
But just think-if your mom got to check out the guy first-obviously he would HAVTA be a great catch-whose mother would let them go out with someone they think isn't 'good enough' for their own kid? So, this site definitely has a perk to it. I guess it all depends if you trust your own mother to choose your future mate.

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