Monday, March 21, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Recently there has been a swarm of viral videos starring a 'single girl'. For all those of you who know what I'm talkin about-she is GOOD, and I mean REAL good, like fall on the floor, crying your eyes out funny.
I must've watched the few videos numerous times in awe of this girl.
First off-she's single, frum, shidduch-aged.
Secondly-she posted on YouTube=public forum.
Thirdly-she has guts
AND MORE IMPORTANTLY-she doesn't care (or atleast I don't think she does-especially if she posted on youtube!) what other people think, nor is she worried about her shidduchim because of it.
As our Bais Yaakov teacher's would say (and I quote ) "Yiladdos-what can we learn from this?"
Girls just wanna have fun. And why can't we? Just because we haven't yet found our zivug? Just because we our in shidduchim?
People are always worried, i.e. oh! you wanna go biking-I dunno, what would people say about me and tznius? or I'm sorry, I can't come with you-my mom doesn't want me going there-especially being in Shidduchim as she is worried what people will think if I go there', etc.
This girl, tho, she is living her life, having fun-doing a great job at it and look at the reaction of people who viewed this. Are they telling her to take it down? Are they telling her it's not tznius? No, instead, the video(s) has gone viral, been forwarded, more videos have been uploaded and approximately 300 people have subscribed to her! AND she was offered a great job.
Folks-lesson learned today is we can have just as fun as she is. AND, any publicity is good publicity. Some may think it's not proper, some may get a kick out of it, but as long as there are over 100,000 views=that's publicity!
Kudos YouTube actress, you are my true hero!


  1. If someone is dating, has a blog, and wants publicity, just write an open letter to all readers of the opposite sex stating what one hopes to find in a good date/potential husband.

    If not, that someone is not doing all they can for themselves, dating-wise. And I don't think it will be judged indecent by the readers who go to that someone's blog because they obviously are interested in what that blog has to say and are used to the type of discussions.

    THAT'S publicity!

  2. LSD-whatsup with ur sn? is there a hidden meaning behind it, or is all that law work making u hit the bottle?

  3. Was in lawschool. Am knowledgeable on the topics of law, scotch, bourbon, and wine. I'm only drunk once a year- However, I like the acronym.

  4. perhaps you wanna give us a guy's perspective on shidduch dating? I would be more than glad to 'host-a post' on your behalf.

  5. I thought and am thinking about it but am currently very busy with other endeavors. I think if it comes to it, I'll start my own blog and ask all the blogs where I comment to link to me.

    I'd probably want a part of the blog to help me meet like minded females so I can get married. Not sure how to go through that procees with preserving my anonymity until I date an, i.e. commenter. Maybe make them sign a non-disclosure document first? ;)

  6. I can't find these on YouTube. Please provide a link.