Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When Guys DON'T Bring to the Table!

As an 'out-of-town' gal, I am proud in my upbringing and my good manners. When a guy shows up at the door (and don't kill me here) and you can tell immediately, he's not the one for you, I still shut my mouth, smile, act polite and sweat out the 3-4 hour date. I guess that's why I'm always wondering why the guy would want a second date and feel something-cuz I was polite, just not interested-yet still 'pretended to be'.
However, there are some guys out there who just 'don't bring it to the table'. I'm not talking about the drinks here, I'm talking about manners-common courtesy-how to treat a girl. Call it old-fashioned, call it my grandmother's belief-but here I havta agree, men have to act like gentlemen-especially if they are planning on taking out decent girls.
I once had a guy who couldn't find parking, so he called my on my cell to come out and meet him. OK, given the circumstance-it was rush hour, there happened to have been a gas leak on the block and it was full of fire engines, ambulances and emergency vehicles-that is understandable, so I walked out and met him (the only guy not in a uniform!). My other friend had a date a few weeks back where the guy texted her to meet him outside. She couldn't understand why, especially when she saw him sitting in his car, parked in a perfect spot. It was weird-but even weirder was him dropping her off a mere hour or so later! Was she rude, impolite or mean!? No, Huvi was extremely sweet, talkative, continued on and pretended everything was normal, even though she realized this was 'not normal behavior' of a guy taking a girl out. After pulling up infront of her house-he drove off, without even waiting until she got inside.
Heck! I wait outside after dropping my friends off at their homes even if its broad daylight or around the corner. What difference does 2 minutes make? I never used to think it did make a difference, but after going through it myself-it makes a MAJOR difference-it means the guy actually cares to make sure you get home safely. After all, once you leave your home with him-you're safety is in his hands (not literally of course-I'm Shomer!)
So guys-step it up a notch-act polite, be nice, even if you're not interested-we all gotta suck it up for a few hours-why shouldn't you!


  1. On behalf of all dating, Frum GENTLEMEN, I apologize for this breach in etiquette.

    I call out this ex-date of yours and challenge him to a duel. Because you know him and I don't, tell him I'll be waiting for him in the park under the oak at 5PM. I'll be the one with the manners. He can't miss it.

    Or maybe he can.

  2. The ill-mannered fellow will be more likely to walk away from the thrown down gauntlet, so don't hold your breath.

    I have gone on dates through gritted teeth and slow breathing. The guy was fooled enough to think I was interested, but I was just being nice.

    I have gone on dates where I can tell the guy is uninterested, but he is being polite. Good boy. There is hope for mankind.

    So before we slaughter the male population, be aware that if a guy is acting interested, he may not in actuality be interested.

    So it is just the few jerks that need to be weeded out.

  3. lawschooldrunk-thanx for ur offer
    data-let's get us some weedwackers!