Wednesday, February 23, 2011

That's A Real Friend

Let's face it girls, we live in a dog-eat-dog world of Shidduchim. Everyone is 'on the market' at some point or other after seminary/college. Everyone is competing for the next best guy around. It's a fashion show for us-who is the thinnest, who has the best hair, whose makeup is AMAZING, who's instyle and who is outdated. Who is well-dressed and put together and who isn't. Who is wearing the heels and who is wearing the flats.
and a continuous cycle it is-as once one of the girls gets engaged-its who has the bigger diamond, the nicer bracelet, the greater guy, the bigger apartment, etc.
Friendships get awkward as we are constantly being told not to use 'single' friends as references. It's hard to speak to close friends about dating, especially when you're looking for the same type of guy-as what if you say something bad and your friend is dating the guy or liked him, etc.
So out with the old (friends) it is unfortunately and in with the new-or as I like to say 'the marrieds get married and forget your number, forget to call and text' and the singles remain the true friends-until another one bites the dust!
So, this is why I would like to inspire you about having GREAT single friends, as I myself, am very fortunate to have. My close friend, Esty was booking her annual flight to Europe. She has grandparents there that she goes to visit for 2 weeks each year. Shortly before she booked, a mutual friend of ours got engaged. She decided to wait until the friend had her wedding date, so that she shouldn't G-d forbid miss the wedding. When the wedding date was set, Esty booked her flight and arranged to be back for the day of the wedding-which didn't really give her much time in Europe-as everything was set to be soon. Sure enough, Esty's flight back home got cancelled. She tried to get on another flight-not even because she was exhausted from a long red-eye flight, but more importantly, to be at this friend's wedding. She waited long hours in the airport until they were able to get her a connecting flight home. She arrived home shortly before the wedding with enough time, not to unpack, but to shower and get ready. However, Esty was soo tired, she couldn't even drive herself to the wedding. I met up with Esty at the dancing and I hadta say, she looked GREAT. Had I not known what she'd been through just to make it for a friend's wedding I wouldn't have believed it. Not only that-she stayed until the end of the wedding and danced her heart out until literally she couldn't walk straight from lack of sleep for 36 hours.
That my friend, it what I call a GREAT single friend! Someone who goes out of their way to make their friend happy. Someone who thinks of her friend before herself, before her own vacation, before her own exhaustion and to make herself look happy, active and participate in all the dancing and shtick, in order that her friend could have the most awesomest wedding she deserved! (without even mentioning or hinting that she'd just been off a flight!)
May you all have such wonderful single friends!

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