Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If Shidduchim were like Valentines...

Happy Isru-Valentines Day!

Here's a shout out to all my fellow readers/bloggers. Whilst spending a few hours in the dark (thanks to a very long blackout & an almost low-batteried iPhone), we sat around saying "IF ___ were like ____, THEN ___"
and I figured, why not challenge y'all to come up with your own, by commenting on this post.
Best line gets it's OWN post.
So, get your thinking caps on, cuz it better be good!

"If Shidduchim were like Valentines, then (FILL IN THE BLANK)...."


  1. If Shidduchim were like Valentines, atleast we'd get good chocolate as a consolation prize!

  2. If Shidduchim were like Valentines then they would be a mere marketing ploy to get us to buy their product!

  3. "Hi, I'm Cupid. I'll be your Shadchan for today"