Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Give 'Em Somethin to Talk About...

OK, sorry about the title, but as my friend Huvie says, 'I'm stuck in the 80s!' and it just happens to be that when I was typing this post, this Bonnie Raitt song popped into my head!
So, let's move aside from the 'good hair day' discussion, or facial expressions where people are giving each other 'the look' and thinkin 'wow! her hair is SOOO good! She MUST be getting engaged tonight!' or when your nails come out perfect, along with your makeup, and (fake) tan (aka bronzer).
I get that all the time. That, or even a made up excuse, where some random neighbor/teacher/family friend/acquaintance who you haven't spoken to in a while, bumps into you at a wedding/simcha/grocery/ZARA dressing room and makes a comment to the likes of 'wow-SOS! you look GREAT! did you lose weight or get a new haircut?' and you know, as a single, what they are thinking, or 'implying'.

So, here's where I come to play. You see, I used to spend the moments after all these encounters thinking of what I could've said or should've said, instead of feeling embarassed, ashamed, or needing a reason to cut my hair/do my nails, or drops a few pounds. So now I purposely, just for fun-to give me and my single friends some laughs, drop some 'obvious hints' for people to have something to talk about. e.g. at a wedding, my phone rings-its another friend. I walk out and laugh alot on the phone, then when someone asks who, I look all flustered and panicked and go-'oh, no one...uh...just a friend'. Or I complain that I'm sooo tired (cuz I am) and when asked why, I'll put on the innocent 'deer in headlights' look and say, 'well, I had a late night...y'know partying and all'

So, even though it's mean, they sorta deserve it for asking personal questions in the first place. And this way, it is I-SOS, who gets the last laugh!

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