Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Minute Dates II

I mentioned this before-the 'last minute date', yet they still keep happening!
Like I've said, I think last minutes for me are truly jinxed, as each one has a 'story' that goes along with it, I mean, why else would a great, single guy, be stuck in my 'out-of-town' city doing nothing? But, seriously, I decided to take the 'grown-up approach' and not say NO, based on past experience.
Well, this time, it was actually a good friend of mine who called-the minute Shabbos was over. (and why are most last minute dates always on a motzei shabbos?!?) She told me there's this amazing guy in town and she thought of him for before but things never panned out and now, he just 'happens' to be here and was available that night.
Whilst listening, I was slowly picturing my motzei 'girls night out' plans fade away. The plans we made weeks earlier, based on everyone's busy schedules and not seeing each other in ages, where we made reservations and booked the evening out.
Umm, but-when you're single, you're #1 and only priority is (and should be): GETTING MARRIED! So, I decided to get some more info.
Again, how much info can you get when you're being pressured to go out within the hour, but I didn't want to say yes or no right away and regret it later. Being that we're quite close, she did the 'research' and got me info within 5 minutes-yes folks, that's what friends are for. In any case, based on the general stats, it wasn't for me, but I figured, if it ain't for me, perhaps there is another girl in town who can benefit from this evening. I called a friend who I knew was looking for that type and was proud that I took the time to get the info, hereby avoiding being disappointed and wasting my time (and allowing my night out with friends) and getting my friend a 'shayach' date. Turns out, she already dated him-atleast I was on the ball with this one. She also said it wasn't for me. Yay-for reassurance!
Anyway, point of this post-atleast I tried, made the effort, and now know for sure, it wasn't for me. (or as Yeshivish people would put it 'I did my Hishtadlus')

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  1. "Yay-for reassurance!"
    Omgosh yes! Gotta love that!

    There was someone I was interested in, and I kept convincing my friend to go out with him, in order to check him out for me, because he was suggested to her twice.
    He got engaged.
    (No, not to my friend.)
    So yay for reassurance ;)