Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Rant on Resumes

Sorry about the 'resume rant' again, but my married friend is on her way to becoming a 'well-known' Shadchan, as recently matches were in her favor and she made quite a few Shidduchim. She's very well-networked, is good on the phone, and resumes keep flooding her inbox, not to mention the floor at her fax machine. She called me over to help her sort the resumes in Alphabetical order.

Me, getting all excited to see resumes of 'The Other Side', aka 'do guys actually HAVE typed resumes?' and perhaps find someone for myself, was a bit disappointed when she explained most of the pile were girls only.

In any case, I did what any good friend would do-I got myself over there, and started sorting. OK, I'll admit I was a bit curious to know how others 'layout' their resume and was surprised at some of the things written, or more specifically HOW they were written.

Here's a new word I learnt: "Para Professional"-that's a fancy lingo for a 'shadow'. Also, if you are a teacher's aid in kindergarten, there are much more sophisticated ways of saying so.

What about 'extra credit' on a resume? I definitely didn't see that one coming!

But there are, e.g. 'choir head, kitchen staff, waitress in camp ___ for 2 summers, babysat 8 nieces and nephews as a chesed to her sistes/brothers/in-laws. Or, helps a kid with his homework 3 times a week, and sings in choir at old age home, etc.

It really got me thinkin-we have got to get better, glitzier, fancier and now...more SHOWY, then my Times-New-Roman font printed on hot pink paper.
Glitter, perhaps? Sealed with a Kiss-as a personal touch? Signatures of 2 clergy from my community? Notarized by my former principal(s)? What do you BOYS/Shadchanim want!?
What specific would make a definite YES (or a definite NO) when put on a resume?


  1. Forget references provided on request, how about baking samples provided on request? DEFINITE YES :-P