Monday, January 24, 2011

When Shadchan's Suggest Stupidity

I was reading through BadFor's post when I was a bit shocked that a Shadchan would suggest something sooo stupid as to applying makeup when you're at the gym! I mean, even WATERPROOF mascara tends to NOT be waterproof (think black mascara smudges-racoon eyes, or famous singer KISS makeup job!)
Aside from that, who, I mean, WHO would be spending their time at the gym staring at other shvitzy girls makeup? I get the whole staring around the gym (when you're bored of watching yourself in the full length!) carefully scrutinizing the skinny women, and marking off the bulges of some of the 'keneyna hora' women. But, who actually stares at the red-faced women concentrating on those calories burning, working their (excuse me for this but-) butts off so that they can look presentable for their (future) men.
As if that is not good enough in itself-to be in shape and lose weight for men (as well as yourself), you now have to wear makeup whilst doing so?!?!
Why not get your hair done at the salon before you go (wink, wink)? who cares if it ends up frizzy and stuck in clumps of hairspray/gel/mousse stuck to your scalp with sweat?
What about those who go to the 'women-only' gyms, wearing long jean skirts, and long sleeve shirts? we're all women, who are we trying to impress?! I get it if there would be goodlooking single guys workin out on the bench, with their 6 pack staring at you, but who are we REALLY doing this for?! for the one woman...err...Shadchan who has the most ridiculous suggestion ever? I would be curious to know if she works/worked out at the gym with her makeup?
I think if perhaps, this would be a known segula, e.g. 'a famous shadchan says if one wears makeup whilst at the gym it is a segula to find a husband' - then there would be a whole load of girls all made up on their way to the gym. But until that happens....Rebbitzen Shadchante-keep your stupid suggestions to yourself!


  1. ha, and now i was thinking about this... what about the women who come in full heels and shabbos dress??

  2. The thing is, a psychologist friend of the family once said - "Women don't dress for men. They dress for other women."

    Do men really notice the fine nuances of an outfit? No, they go on a rampage because it's black. They don't realize the gorgeous lines or construction.

    Same thing for makeup. Only women notice the fine nuances of "The Face." Do guys take in the eyeshadow blending, the blemish concealing, the carefully applied lipstick? They only manage to take in part of the whole picture. They are clueless, for the most part.

    In the end, people respect you when you have "The Face" on. Sad fact but true. I don't don it specifically for men - it's more for me and how I represent myself.

    I'm not saying you have to go all dressed up to the gym. Because it's not practical to shvitz in makeup, not because "We're all women."

  3. Oyyyy yes I agree with Data,,,,,,this reminds me of a certaib ex I had who noticed EVERY detail about my outfits in a nontypical way,,,,when he saw me in a bikini the first thing he said was "Your swimsuit isnt trendy"...But thats a different story !