Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And...When Too Much Information-is Useful

My last post was regarding a Shadchan who had been in touch with me in order to tell me that my shidduch resume had too much information and the last few 'potentials' she sent it to, complained of this. She therefore, 'kindly suggested' that perhaps, I just scrap the details (I luv, luv, luv to write in detail-to give people more of a picture) and just give her the basics....more like my aim conversations when aol was still dial-up with the 3 step start screen and chatting online in my teen years was a conversation that always started as follows: 'asl?' So, basically more than a decade later-I'm doin the same thing-only here, I'm providing the info...the REAL info.

In any case, while no one has complained about my details which I included in my resume up until now, I didn't actually think there was anything wrong and clearly wrote the information which I usually ask regarding MY potential dates.

So, to update you-as funny as this seems, the same Shadchan phoned me just the other day. It seems there was someone she had in mind, and she told me that the boy's mother had a few questions which she would need answered. Out of the 3 questions that she asked-2 would've been answered-had she actually READ my resume-as this was 2 points clearly written, in what she would call 'my details' which the lady didn't seem to think was important.

So, just to tell y'all=GO FIGURE! too little? too much? In the end, I'm just gonna make each individual happy (for the time being, unless it gets crazy) and change my 'resume' to their likings.

Soon, we're gonna have to each have our own YouTube 20 second 'introduce yourself vid', that will solve all the ShidduchWorld's problems!!!

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