Monday, December 6, 2010

A bit Too Personal?

The other day I went to eat out with a friend-oh the joys of Chanuka sufganiot with a nice warm latte :)
In any case, we got talking about shidduchim-well more like comparing who has it worse and then she said something which is so true, that I figured it's worth a post on this blog.
We were discussing how dating is your personal life and each person is entitled to their personal, private lives, however, in Shidduchim your personal life becomes everyone elses business, because either they make it their business, or they are 'redd'ing you shidduchim, hence in your business. In both cases, your personal life isn't so personal after all.
Then you have the other 'well-wishers' who bud into your life as well. They're the type who meet you at a communal function or Simcha and walk up to you whilst you're chatting with a few others and start offering you a guy, or telling you that they were called about you-again, infront of everyone (no tact or common sense in those people) and start telling you that you're looking for the wrong things and you're being too picky.
Usually, in those situations you wanna tell the person off to say the least. I was thinking more like pounding them. But as my friend so eloquently put it: do us singles, go over to the married infront of their crowd and ask 'tell me, how are things between you and your husband in the bedroom, huh?'

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