Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why can't Singles Enjoy their Lives?!?

I was reading BadForShidduchim's post and havta say I totally agree! As a single, I keep hearing these snide remarks, or watching the 'eye-rollers' as I describe my most amazing roadtrip or how I went out with a buncha friends and partied all night long and how just enjoying my life seems like a crime.
Again, B"H that I'm a happy-go-lucky person and I guess I'm easy going in the sense that I don't really care what specific fun 'activity, outing or adventure' I do, as long as I'm with my friends and keeping busy, I know I'm gonna have a great time. And I do keep busy, I have chessed projects I'm involved in, as well as communal projects, I take some courses and tutor on the side and in between I try and get together ATLEAST once a week .
Yes, I quietly cringe on the inside when I see these 18-19 year old pishers come back from seminary in Israel, with their perfectly ironed hair, formed into a perfect Bump with the shiny beaded hairband holding it in place. The newly applied makeup, pleaded skirt and black loafers. They are all dressed up to get married but now that they are back from their year off and into the real world where people go to college, get jobs, have lives and responsibilities-they can't really decide what to do because they're #1 plan is to get married. So they can't take really DO anything, cuz what if they get engaged, then just drop out of school?!?! or get a job for a week-cuz like what if they get engaged like the second week of the year?!
Don't get me wrong-our plan is ALSO to get married, except, we don't run the world. So yes, we can plan, but there is always a backup plan. So we all have jobs (OMG!) and are in school (seriously?) and are not dating or thinking about dating 24/7 but at the same time, are living our life and enjoying! After all, if not now-when?
I have married friends with kids, some of whom would give anything for a girls night out to just chill, go to a movie, eat out with friends, have a spa day or a road trip. I don't have a husband to come home to-yet, or kids who I am responsible to-yet, so why can't I enjoy the life Hashem has given me.
If anything, my enjoying life, in my singlehood-shud be chizuk to all those girls sitting at home each night crying that they're single! I mean wouldn't the world be a crazy place if every single SINGLE you know out there walked around with mascara stains running down their cheeks, puffy red eyes and a sour face?!
So-to all those people out there-all the 'eye-rollers' and people with rude comments-leave us singles alone and let us enjoy this time we have and just BE HAPPY (FOR US) THAT WE ARE HAPPY!

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