Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Greatest Thing=Great Friends!

Pirkei Avos says 'Asei lecha Rav uKnei lecha Chaver' - translated 'ensure you have a Rabbi and a good friend'.
Unfortunately there are alot of single girls out there, some of whom I know personally, who are seriously depressed because most of their friends are married/engaged, leaving them single and lonely. Even more lonelier, because now their old friends are too busy with their chosson/husband and families. At the age when girls are getting engaged/married, its sorta hard for some to make new friends, especially when they're settled in their jobs/school, etc.
Baruch Hashem, I have great, wonderful, amazing, stupendous, couldn't-ask-for-betta friends! and guess what-they're SINGLE girls! I am soo thankful to Hashem for giving me the best friends anyone could ask for. Seriously, these are people who would do anything for someone else, and just knowing that is comforting in itself. They are all happy, motivated, active, etc. and mostly-don't let Shidduchim and all the garbage that goes along with shidduchim, bring them down. They keep busy, make parties, go out, etc.
Now-just the other day, one of my close friends, Estie, called me. Someone had 'redd' her a Shidduch and she didn't think it was shayach for her. She thought of me and not only that, provided me with all and the info as well as photos. Who even sends photos of boys these days!? Not only that, the info was great and sounded really my type and the photo....let's just say :D
Then she said something that really made me smile, she said 'you see? this just goes to show all those people-that there still ARE goodlooking, great personalitied, guys out there who are still single!'
So folks, even though there are some (and hopefully few) singles out there who wouldn't hand over Shidduchim redd to them even though its not at all shayach, or there are those who get phonecalls for you and don't have nice things to say-there are still some great gals (call me about them!) out there who think of others as well=they're MY FRIENDS :)
Find yourself some good ones like I did

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