Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Howz THIS for an Answer?

I got a call last night regarding a Shidduch. This woman called to ask me about a friend of mine and I was glad to give her all the good info. As I go on describing the girl and her family and what really great people they are, and telling her stories to back it, the woman stopped me.
She said whilst I know you don't know me personally, let me tell you a bit about us and my son so you can try and get a feel if this is the type of boy your friend is looking for altogether.
I gladly complied.
The woman goes on to tell me that her son is a serious longterm learner and without financial support.
I seriously felt like stopping her and telling her the following, point black: 'Mrs.____, if you're asking if they have money, I'm not their personal bank manager, but I can assure you that they do have enough to support a longterm learner. Any other questions, or is that all you called to find out?'
I had to hold myself back, because this girl was my friend they were calling about and I didn't want to say anything that might harm the shidduch, no matter how I, personally, felt about this call.
Am I wrong??

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  1. It doesn't have to be you who ends this shidduch. If she's after money, she'll find out soon enough the state of their finances. You do your job, and gush about them, and if she asks about money, play dumb.