Monday, July 25, 2011

Shadchan Conversation Starters

Don'tcha just luv it when a Shadchan calls you up and opens the convo with the following line:
"I have a guy for you. I really don't know him (that well) but I heard he's a great guy and I think it can really work"
Ya, us singles, looove hearing that. I'm sure to most of you, that's a normal conversation starter and personally, it irks me, because in all of honesty 'ya never know' always lurks in the back of my mind, but 'C'mon! get real!' is what I'm thinking as I roll my eyes and listen to the Shadchan's list of qualities, schools and references..
Last week I had a call from a woman. She's not a Shadchan, not a teacher, neighbor or relative. In fact, I don't even know her, which is how I was suspicious of her call in the first place. She claimed to have heard about me (and my 'singleness') and said she had a boy. She told me she didn't know him or his family well, but she would find out.
Then there was a long silence
A long awkward silence.
Then she asked if I had any questions.
I kid you not, folks, I had to hold back my laughter and told her I had no questions at all (aside from 'how did she get my number?') as all she said was she has a guy whom she doesn't know and SHE was the one calling ME.
Then she asked me one question about myself, just ONE small bit of non-important info and asked me what she had to do.
So, I, the 'single' gave this woman, the so-called 'shadchan' advice on how to go about redding a shidduch. Point #1 being, 'actually try and KNOW both sides, or atleast ONE side'.
In any case, I have yet to hear back from her. I doubt I will.
But seriously people, you're calling us singles to try and sell an idea, a potential husband-atleast TRY and start the conversation with something more exciting, enticing, believable, a great opening line!


  1. Rule #1: Redd girls to the boy FIRST. That's how it works. So call him up, lady, and redd her. If you can.

  2. agreed. no point getting girl worked up or excited and stuff just to have guy say he's not interested or busy. also - where's the 411 on the guy? Does she even know his NAME?!

  3. lol! she probably was at her sheitel macher appointment, picked up a copy of a magazine, saw an ad for Touro or something, or like an article that quotes a frum boy and decided to 'redd' it. <funny thought?