Thursday, July 14, 2011

HaTzaddik Leibby Kletzky A"H

Whilst I know this blog is about Shidduchim, I can't help but NOT think of Leibby Kletzky A"H. The past few days, every news site, be it foxnews, yahoo, to vosizneias & yeshivaworld has been covering this story. I admit, I was hopeful that they would find him and eagerly prayed for his return or that he be found, perhaps asleep on a park bench, from all the walking, when it was clear from the video footage that he was lost.
I can't even describe my feelings when I woke up and first thing, still in pjs, opened my iphone to check the news and read the headlines. My heart dropped, my eyes bulged, I was in denial-how can this be? How can an innocent, young, beautiful child have this happen to him? How can such a thing happen? A brutal murder-a yiddishe neshama?!?! Who ever heard of such a thing? These things are unheard of in our communities. How much more surprised to hear that the murderer-the butcher, the sicko, psycho, freak of nature, is a Yid?!? Who DOES this?! Who even has a heart to do such things?! I'm still in shock, I'm still pained by the thought of his parents, family and even, nebach, poor Leibby who met the wrong adult from whom he asked for directions.
And so, this post goes for him. We've heard and seen over the past few days what a Kiddush Hashem the Jewish name has made over the media. Reporters, newspapers, media, youtube all were impressed by the thousands and thousands of volunteers, the speediness and efficiency in the way the search was handled, sooo many caring individuals who gave up of their time, their early mornings, evenings, 24/7s to help search for this precious neshamale.
I received the following link by email and thanks to TheCoolJew for putting it in writing.
May we only share in Simchos!

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