Friday, July 30, 2010

the Rant on Resumes...

Only because I've been getting slack lately from a bunch of different so-called 'Shadchanim'-or what I like to call-'Professional Resume Readers'-I am 'inspired' to write this post.
The last woman I sent my resume to sent me back a page of comments. Yes folks-a full page, with a couple of paragraphs of her 'corrections'.
These corrections included, but were not limited to:
1. Capitalize the word "The" and don't write I'm, but I (space) AM.
2. Don't mention the word TV, as in you want one or don't want one (or as I like to put her words-just ignore the elephant in the room.)
3. Don't be too detailed-it shows too much of your personality-which can come across as too much attitude.

Now, this same woman also had some choice words for me and the chizzuk was basically 'If I would have a son-your resume wouldn't even make it to his pile AT ALL'.
wow-how disappointed I was when I found out she didn't have a son of marriageable age!

and to think that's bad. Another Shadchan I sent my resume to, told me not to put my age as I look much younger and people 'don't have to know right away'.
A third person told me not to put too much detail on my hobbies, whilst another person told me to write down my exact hobbies (e.g. listening to music is too general-write what genre and when you like to listen to each).

So, as I like to tell each individual person: 'you want my resume-I emailed it to you-do whatever you want with it-feel free to cut, copy, paste. As long as I know I sent it the way I wrote it-straight from the heart with no lies.'

To sum it all up-like I said once before, if all these people want to deal with resumes-let them create a template otherwise they can do what a shadchan recently told me last week, and to quote her, she said "I don't deal with papers-I deal with pulses and people".

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  1. I keep my resume very bare - just basics, and nothing about preferences or hobbies. I'd rather not be defined by a piece of paper.

    Although I'd agree to keep TV off the paper - I want/need a TV, but I'd rather not be one of my major features. But the rest of this woman's comments (along with the potshot about her hypothetical son) doesn't show much tact or intelligence.

    As for age - seriously?!? They don't have to know right away ("Guess what? I'm an old maid! Gotcha!") Are these people actual professional shadchanim? Sounds like con men to me.