Friday, July 30, 2010

Advice from the Tall people?

Being that I, SOS, am on the shorter side, I often get these 'oh my gosh! I have the PERFECT guy for you-he's great and he's amazing and it's so perfect cuz he's short' calls from people.
Yes, it is the PERFECT match.
Single Jewish guy
Single Jewish Girl
BOTH are short

I know I shouldn't get insulted by this, but I don't get why this is perfect. Personality? now that's something interesting. Middos-definitely, But to match us up just cuz we're the same size on the growth chart? where's the common ground there (no pun intended).

Now, I have no problem dating short(er) guys-not everything is about height and I'm cool with it.
What I don't understand however, is when I get 'redd' a shidduch and then I'm told 'well, the guy IS a tall boy, so I don't think it will be shayach'.

Now, I've dated guys over 6 foot tall and there didn't seem to be a problem there. Even if they do have longer legs, I'm in pretty good shape to jog alongside the guy to keep up pace. Perhaps the tall guys don't want to date shorter girls, but why is a TALL guy less shayach than a short guy?
I mean, I understand that its harder for tall girls-as most won't go out with boys shorter than them (I said most, as I know a few tall girls who married boys shorter than them). But other than that factor, what's wrong with tall guys dating shorter girls?
The way I see it-SOMEONE's gotta be able to reach into the tall cabinets!


  1. I loved that last line! lol, for now its my brother who does all my reaching for me.
    i believe the problem goes back to the issue of being so focused on externals. If we were less focused on what he looks like on the inside than what kind of car he drives or what color her tablecloth is..then maybe we could actually focus on the important compatibility factors that really matter.

  2. I'm tall. I'm not particular about the guy's height, but shorter guys aren't too jazzed about mine.

    As aminspiration said, height is merely another superficiality that is focused on too intensely. But compatibility is really hard to figure out otherwise.

  3. My favorite post of yours! Totally agree - There is NOTHING wrong with tall guys and short girls, but I do respect boys/girls who have height preferences. Of course, the only people they are limiting is themselves...