Monday, July 5, 2010

and some more emails...

Back on my 'email episodes', sending out resumes, numbers, sizes, etc. and waiting to actually hear back from all these 'so-called Shadchans' to get back to me to:
a) lemme know they actually got my email
b) tell me if they have someone in mind
c) gimme info of that special someone
and whilst reading through my inbox, 2 had already replied within 24 hours. One of which wrote something 'post-worthy', which started off as a 'thank you for your email and first off, we wish you much hatzlacha and for your shidduch to come soon-amen!'
But this same email was followed by something to the sort of the following: 'I like to meet the people I set up first, which is very important as there are alot of chaps out there, even married men who like to 'play around' which is scary but true..'
Anyway, what the heck is that supposed to mean?
She works with sick married husbands?
She is scaring me off?
What do you take from a response like that!?!!

1 comment:

  1. She's craaaaaaaazy.

    Married men who "play around" don't go on shidduch dates for entertainment. Real fun, sitting in a lounge with witnesses over flat coke. They go . . . well, let's keep this rated G.

    And what was her point of saying she meets boys first? If she wanted to meet you, that's not what she should say.

    Conclusion: a certified nutter.