Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Did anyone ever mention Business Cards?

So, the other day, we got a call from someone in the community. To give you a little background info, this person 'redd' me a shidduch a few months ago, which wasn't at all shayach. Being that I don't know them that well, and vice versa, I was a bit disappointed with their suggestion, as it was 'redd' a few times before and still is not shayach, but we thanked them and moved along.
Now this same person called to inform me that they know 'lots of guys' and would like me to please email my 'resume' to them, etc.
The way I'm seeing the situation: this person already 'redd' me a shidduch and we explained what kinda guy I'm lookin for, so I'm guessing the resume they requested I email, isn't for them. I assume this resume will be handed out to 'all the guys' they know.
In which case (again, I am clearly stating, this is according to my assumption), if I wanted my 'resume' to be sent around the world, I would've posted it on ebay and have people 'bid on me', or I would've found a better way to get the word out=I would've printed my own business cards. Yes, folks, what has this world come to? With everyone requesting photos, and info and emails and faxes, why not save all the aggravation and just print business cards with your photo and short, important details.
Now, how come no one has thought of this one yet....
Wow, people thing the 'resume' is the new thing....wait til I market the Business Card!

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  1. Hah! I love the Ebay metaphor.

    Seriously, doesn't anyone realize how demeaning it is? I might as well stand on a street corner handing out flyers the way some treat girls' info. I have dignity! Dignity! Girl power!