Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are all the Good Ones Taken?

Yesterday, whilst on lunch break at the local pizza shop, I notice these 3 guys pull up in a car bearing an 'out-of-town' license plate.
I looked up, trying to get a better look at the guys without making it look obvious that I was checking them out. One of them caught my eye-as to me, he seemed to be the best looking of the 3.
Now, here I was thinking 'this guy has potential' but wondering how to go about this.
a) I know NOTHING about these people
b) For all I know they can be married...
c) ...and have kids
d) or totally not my type
e) and/or totally not interested in me
And I didn't want to make myself look bad.
So, I did what most girls would probably do in my situation: I finished my lunch, thought 'oh well, atleast I had some nice eye candy' and went back to work.
Afterward, Chani, a friend of mine called me to inform me that she was at the pizza shop and she saw this cute guy. When I questioned as to his looks and if he was with 2 friends and I described them, she confirmed this was the same dude. She said she would try and find out any information she could, but all she got was some information on the one I wasn't interested in. Chani was with a married girl and the married girl, knowing what Chani was trying to get at, told her not to worry-she would go over and speak to them and get their story.
Well, the next day we were talking (more like venting about the shidduch system) and I decided to ask her straight out what the story was and if her married friend got any information. Chani gave me her friend's phone number and I spoke with her about the guy I was interested in.
Turns out: of course! he's engaged!
So, yet, another goodlookin guy that I actually make an effort to find out about, that I actually admit I like, is taken.
Any good ones left?


  1. All the good guys are taken, by the good girls. All that's left are the bad ones, like you and me.

  2. The thing is with me, that while of course I am taken by a looker, I'm merely enjoying the view. I don't think he's the one I'm going to marry; my fellow will be a deep guy with no hair. Maybe if you had had a two minute conversation, he wouldn't be so attractive anymore.

  3. How do you know from a mere glance at a pizza store, which guy was the "good one"?
    Could you perhaps be dismissing the "good ones" before they even have a chance?

  4. bjg-ya thanks for the ego boost
    data-'enjoying the view'-lol! ya, most guys i know are bald, which sorta scares me a bit...
    G6-you're 100% right, I mean 'good-LOOKIN' one

  5. Sorry, but you kind of asked for it :)