Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For all our Moms

The other day I heard my mom talkin to one of her friends and being that my mom has a most wonderful sense of humor, she was joking on the phone and told her friend they should start their own support group, which got me thinkin.
There are support groups for alcoholics, smokers, divorce, etc. why not start a new support group called "MOSD" Moms of Single Daughters" or as I, personally, would call it "MIS" Moms in Shidduchim (no pun intended by the abreviation).
Imagine, all our mothers sitting in a circle, each one telling their horror stories. We think we have it bad, and I'm not tring to 'lessen' your pain, but our parents have it worse. We sometimes come home crying, or laughing from crying so hard, but our moms are MOMS. They feel for us, more than we feel for ourselves. They see us going through this 'painful' stage in life and WISH they can help, but we all know the help truly comes from The One Above, and this is why they turn to their worn out tehillims, filled with wet spots from the tears they shed for us.
So, now that I went all melodramatic, let's add the humor to the situation and try and imagine what a "MIS"s support group would be like.
Then the 'support' begins. "Hi everyone. My name is Breindy."
everyone together->"HI BREINDY"
Breindy-> "I'm a mother with 2 daughters in the Parsha. I've been in 'this Parsha' for 4.5 years already and I feel like I'm going to collapse. I spend my mornings calling Shadchanim, my afternoons checking my emails and faxes for replies from Shadchanim and spend my evenings on the phone with Rosh Yeshivas. I've been getting nowhere lately. I took courses in computer, to learn how to use email as nowadays everyone asks to 'email' resumes and this is what I do. I've had my daughters take professional pictures twice already. I got a nice font for their resumes and I designed a beautiful border so that their resumes shine out amongst the rest. My long distance bills have doubled, as I trying to search 'outside the box' of the NY area, but to no avail. My husband is not in Kollel fulltime and the Roshei Yeshivas try and help but unfortunately we don't have enough to support 2 couples, let alone 1, for a minimum of 5 years in Israel."
Mediator: 'Thank you Breindy for sharing your story with us. We here at the MIS group, feel your pain. Now, let's listen to a newcomer of the group, Chavi. Welcome Chavi.'
Everyone together->'WELCOME CHAVI'
Chavi->'Thanks everyone. I don't know how these groups work. My daughter is turning 19 next week. She is very nervous as most of her class are married, some are expecting and 3 already have babies. My daughter is also a size......6, yes, my daughter is not a size 0 or 2, so she doesn't often get the 'skinny' category. Also, she wears jean skirts when she goes to the women's gym to workout at night, so that's 2 strikes against her. We don't know what to do. I've tried telling her that her zivug is coming soon, but she is busy trying to go down a few sizes thinking this will make all the difference.'
Mediator: 'Does anyone have anything to say? Me, personally, my daughter is a 2, but she is an 'older single' so unfortunately, I cannot relate to Chavi on that level, but HaKadosh Baruch Hu is the One in charge, and we have to have Emunah and Bitachon that everything is already planned up above. 30 days before a child is born, a Bas Kol states that this baby will be a zivug to so-and-so. You should say Perek Shira, it is very uplifting. Also, here is a name of another snigle girl-if you daven for her, perhaps it will move things along quicker. At the same time, most women in our group have read this new book on Shidduchim, here it is, go home and read it, perhaps you won't feel so alone.'
So, that's how I would picture a Support Group running for Moms In Shidduchim.

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