Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's the Reason?

I was 'redd' a Shidduch a few days back and it happened to be a boy that was offered to me in the past. Sure enough, I checked through my notes-yes folks, in this day and age, with my experiences, I take notes-put everything on paper, from basic info, to details of date and why it didn't work out, etc. Anyway, I check through my notes and see the reason for why I said no was legitimate (atleast, according to me it is).
The Shadchan, who doesn't know me from beans, never met me or spoke with me, asks why it's not 'shayach'.
Now, that's where she crossed the line. See, if I was in a rotten mood, I woulda told her where to do and its none of her business and being that she didn't know me, if I say no, it's no and I don't havta give any reasons, BUT, I was in a polite mood and told her just one of the reasons.
Obviously, being that she knows the guy really well, she didn't feel that was a good enough reason. I told her that was her opinion.
Then-the NERVE, the Shadchan tells me my priorities are 'messed up', yes people, her words were AND I QUOTE "messed up". I told her maybe according to her, she felt that way-but honestly, how dare she criticize me, put me down and tell me I'm messed up-without even knowing a THING about me, other than the fact that I'm single.
So, I shoulda stuck with my original idea which was=tell her where to go.
Everyone is entitled to their personal reasons. We do not have to give a reason, nor should we feel that our reason isn't a good enough reason.
So, being that my reason is definitely legitimate-who's 'messed up' now, huh?

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  1. hahahaha...nice. Have you tried working with Rabbi Keller? He's in CH. He does a pretty thorough interview.