Friday, April 9, 2010

Playing "The Shadchan"

Around Purim time I was working on some community mishloach manos project where I met this woman and we got talking. Turned out she has a daughter in the Shidduch parsha who went to live in the "Big Apple" and hasn't found "The One" yet. We compared our dramatic dating stories and laughed about them. Then as she was describing her daughter, it suddenly hit me that I had a guy in mind for her. I told the woman that even though I never met her daughter and I only met the guy briefly, it might be something of interest and she asked me to send her some info. Immediately I got to work emailing both sides, getting the information, answering the questions, etc.
So, this went on for weeks, until they both got 'unbusy'. Every so often during those few weeks, the girl's mom would email me asking if I heard any news from the guy. FINALLY, the time came, I knew both the guy and girl were in the same city AND available AND wiling to go out.
Then Pesach came and went and I heard nothing-NADA, nill, gournisht, shemi, zilch-you get the point!
I was really excited about this idea as both sides really felt it would be shayach and suddenly when the time comes, I was totally dropped out of the picture. Was I insulted? no-I don't get insulted. Did I atleast want to know what was going on either way-well, YA, being that I was involved in the investigative process and suggested it, I believe it was the least I was owed.
Anyhoo, the other day I emailed the girl's mom explaining that I didn't wanna pry, but just wanted to know if they DID end up going out. She emailed me back to say yes they did and while both sides enjoyed each other's company, it wasn't for them.
So, alteast it was fun playing shadchan again, but a life-lesson learned-people will only call/email/text/nudge/bug you when they need you......then you get dropped outta the picture.

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