Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can Girls just BE FRIENDS?

The other day I met u with a friend of mine for lunch and we got talking about the differences in atmosphere at the places where we both work.
I work in a Frum company, where I am one of the two single girls at the office and there are a bunch of married women.
My friend, works at a Frum company where they employ 95% single girls and 5% married women.
I always thought that it would be awesome to work in a place with lots of girls my age. It's fun to have more co-workers you can relate to on a personal basis. You can discuss all your dating horror stories and actually have an audience who understands you. Shopping together must be fun, not to mention lunch breaks, etc.
However, my friend told me that it is the opposite. There is major competition in workplaces such as hers. All the girls are at the same stage of life=dating to marry. They are all constantly looking good and dressing up. Each one is whispering about the other. When one girl doesn't show up for work, they all sit around and talk about the fact that she is probably 'out-of-town' for a date. When one girl gets her hair cut, they talk about WHY she cut it. When someone lost weight ='there MUST be a reason why' and said reason cannot be 'weightwatchers' as there HAS TO BE a reason behind WHY she IS in fact, on weightwatchers.
I'm not really surprised, as we all went through the 'highschool and then seminary phase' and yes, there was some competition, etc. but come one-these are grown girls!
So, I guess I should feel lucky that I work with only one other single girl and we get along GREAT! Lesson learned-you only need just ONE to make you happy! (and not a room full of single gals to make the atmosphere more akward and uncomfortable)


  1. That's horrible...I would hate to work w/ snobby, gossiping gals!

  2. I have found that one NEVER leaves high school, in one way or another. Very few girls abandon their insecurities into adulthood. Even women of 50+ years still behave as though they're in the schoolyard with the headband bump (that style always has techias hameisim).

    When there's two, they need each other. When there's many, some would feel they have permission to juggle and dispose at their discretion.