Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Luv Shots"

It has become the latest trend. It's not downing scotches, nor is it anything to do with shooting.
It's sorta like 'mug shots' in a 'loving sorta way'.

Lemme explain:

Among the 'fresh outta seminary' girls who get snatched before they decide what to do for the rest of their life (aside from marry and build a 'bayis neeman b'yisrael'), aka get a job, go to college, etc. there is a new 'thing'. Apparently, once you get engaged and even after you have the l'Chaim and the vort, in preparation for the wedding, you gotta first take 'luv shots'.

This is done by hiring a fancy shmancy photographer, preferably someone Italian with a rhyming first and last name. Then the Chosson and Kallah meet the photographer and set up a time and day where she can take these 'luv shots'. I, personally have seen a few of these done by different photographers, but basically taken in the same nice parts of town. It's supposed to be a romantic take on a day in the couples' life, so there are still shots, shots in black and white, and some action shots-aka the girl and guy running together through a flower shop.

Then come the 'better pictures'. These are the kind that zoom in on the guy and girl silhouetted, NEARLY touching, but NOT touching, cuz obviously-being frum Bais Yaakov and Yeshiva guys that's a nono, but if you get a really good photographer-lemme just say-the photos speak 1000 words.

There are pix of the young couple sitting on old cobblestone bricks with fountains in the background-the angle almost looks like she is sitting on his lap-but nah! it's JUST a photo.

So, my dear fellows-even I, who enjoys art, appreciates art, works with Photoshop and appreciates photocollages, still don't get how these young 18, 19 fresh-outta-the HADAR-type sems, with Yeshivish guys can take these photos.

OH ya, and then the photographer gives them a personalized link to the photographer's site, so they can view their slideshow online which includes all photos taken and romantic love songs (music only) in the background.

So what are all these shomer negiah, non-internet, non-tv/romance novels kinderlach doin by taking these pix?

Feel free to enlighten me


  1. I do find it odd - as well as untzniusdik (no matter one's Orthodox affiliation). I find it as though they are seeking to convince themselves, these two children, that they have in their possession a Hollywood, happily-ever-after romance. Well, that, from beginning to end, is between two people, and not the entire public. Comparatively, it's for gentiles when couples eat each other's faces on subway.

    That's my view.

  2. well without these pictures they wouldn't have any pictures of them as a couple. people who actually date for more than a few weeks, have non professional pictures of them being happy doing things together. I guess they feel like they're missing out on something and they can replace it with professional photos of them acting happy, though I'm not sure if pictures can replace actually getting to know each other and having fun....

  3. well, its 2-sided, on the one hand, its epcial for the couple and their familiy to have these pics, on the other hand, throwing these pics in everyone's faces is kinda narcisistic.

  4. Wow that really is untzniusdik! Some people just need the best of both worlds. I think that tasteful professional pictures are nice for an engaged couple but hadn't been privy to this luv shot deal. I can totally some high school classmates of mine doing it though, oy.

  5. I like anonymous 4/11/10 8:50 AM's theory. The entire issue is still quite perplexing, though.