Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our Brothers' Keepers

Over the last few days we, as Jews have felt a tremendous loss. Checking the news constantly, asking people for updates on 'our boys', posting pix win support #bringbackourboys, etc. 
I'm still in awe at how Mrs. Frenkel, among the mothers kept it together. And not just together, she always seemed poised, calm and almost regal. Imagine how a mother can get herself infront of all the people, infront of the media, give speeches, be in the public eye amid such terrible tragedy and be the way she was! It boggled my mind literally, but then I realized-she had to put up a strong front. She gave us hope. The mothers gave us hope. The soldiers gave us hope. The volunteers gave us hope. The myriads of people saying Tehillim gave us hope. The taking Shabbos in earlier gave us hope. All the extra good deeds in the z'chus of these boys gave us hope. 
And then the worst happened...the boys were found. 
The world feels a loss. We are lost. Three young innocent boys who didn't deserve such a terrible end, ended up in the most devastating circumstance, to say the least. 
And I am guilty of not doing enough. Yes, u had hope and faith and checked the news daily, hoping for their safe return to their family. But did I say daily perakim of Tehillim? Embarassingly no. Did I take upon myself to do something? Shamingly-no. 
And so, here we are. We have lost 3 brothers. While we go back to our regular lives, these families will never be the same. Hug your kids/parents. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Do fun things together and make your Davening count. Make every moment count. LIVE your life to its fullest. B"H we are Blessed with our lives, our families, our friends. Do we thank HASHEM everyday for this? Do we take it for granted?
Up until now, I know I have. But I hope to never take it for granted again. I hope to take something upon myself in their memory. I hope that as they say, time heals for these families, and that for them-time passes quickly. 
I hope, even more so, that this is the time for the coming of Moshiach, so all these terrible tragedies can end. So that people can be united with their loved ones whom they lost to sickness, disease, and murder. 
It's interesting that when the Israeli army went to search for these boys it was called 'operations Brothers Keeper'. 
As Jews, we are all brothers. Now it is up to us to Keep our Brothers close, bring those who have left the stray closer. Be m'karev our fellow yiddin. Lastly, let's Keep Our Brothers' memory alive by doing mitzvos and ma'asik Tovim in their names. 

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