Thursday, July 31, 2014

Give Me a Name

The new trend in Shidduchim, for lack of a better word, is for singles or their parents to provide a name of a potential mate, to the Shadchan. When I started dating, up until recently, we always had to wait for someone to 'redd' a Shidduch, or even call with a name. We call it 'name-dropping', someone calls you up, asks if you ever heard of 'so&so' and then tells you to look into the person and get back to them-without any info other than just a name. Hence, it's usually 80% impossible to find out info and then nothing happens and the whole idea falls through.

Now though, you call a Shadchan and they ask if you have any names for them! What is happening? Why don't they have names for us?!?!? Listen up folks-if I WOULD have a name, then I would find a way to make it happen and NOT be calling you and 100 other shadchanim trying to help me find my Bashert!
Next time a Shadchan asks me, I'm gonna blatantly say 'yes, the name is Dear Husband'

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