Sunday, July 6, 2014

When 'Friends' offer Fiends

"Good to see you" she said, "it's been way too long since we last saw each other" 
I nodded in agreement all the while hoping the ground around me would open up. 
You see, we used to be really close once. You could almost call us besties way back when. But she got married and it was left behind. No phonecalls, emails or texts. Nada. I'm long forgotten in her book. Until today-when by accident, we bumped into each other (Holiday weekend and all...) and it got awkward. Then it was as if she put on a whole facade acting all sweet like sugar-but not in a "real" way. More like now that she's wearing a wig and holding a baby she can talk to me like I'm a 5 year old child! 
So the small talk, continued as well as the "next time you're in town you MUST call me and we can get together and go out" to which I replied that I'm only in town for dates and there's never time after that as either I travel right back, go meet a new shadchan and/or get set up on last minute dates which always end up horrible!
"Have you ever heard of the name ______?" She asked me, and then quickly added that she knows he's single but doesn't know him too well 
To be honest I thought my eyes would shoot daggers at her, but I faked a smile. After all, "Mr. So&So" that she suggested is the most inSANE suggestion on soo many levels. He's like a decade older than me atleast, has no personality WHatsoever, looks like a bullfrog, etc. I can't believe an old friend, someone who knows me so well would make such an embarrassing and lowly suggestion! And the nerve-to me personally! Without any embarrassment or shame whatsoever!
"Huh? I don't really remember names. After all I've went out with quite my share and get suggestions so often that I wouldn't recognize any names offhand..." I replied looking honest. And then I made up some excuse to rush away and left her standing. 


  1. Well she is married. I've followed your blog for a while, perhaps it's time to just take a step back. I know as someone who is married that it's impossible to keep up with your single friends unless they want to come help you especially once you have kids. We get a bad wrap but the same thing God willing will happen to you.

  2. The insulting suggestion could have been left out, though. Been there, not amused.