Thursday, July 10, 2014

Married at First Site

What happens when you mix The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Millionaire Matchmaker & shotgun wedding?  'Married at First Site', a new show which aired this week. I'm not sure how long the show will last to be honest as it sounds like a reality show gone too far. I'm still confused as to why the cars would want to take part in what they call 'the experiment' which is to allow the 'matchmakers' to find them their suitable mate based on scientific methods. Thing is-they gotta marry the match which is found for them whether they like it or not. 
You got it folks-they are marrying a total stranger. That kinda freaks me out as it's the way I view shidduch dating. You go out with a guy a couple of times, you're both really polite, on your best behavior. There's no reason to say no so why not get engaged right? Then a few months later you get married and are thinking: but I barely even KNOW the guy!
And here-they don't even SEE their future spouse, which is really trustworthy on the part of the cast. I don't trust a fly, let alone a shadchan. Here these people out their lives into hands of mere strangers.
Let's see how long until their photos are on the cover of every newsstand and magazine about their divorce!

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