Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dumb Reasons for a Shidduch

I'm gonna make this post an open forum for all of you to speak your mind cuz I'm honestly fed up and really frustrated of the dumbest reasons someone thinks 'it's a good shidduch idea' to set me up with a  guy. 
1) Well, he's not tall and ur short so I think it's a fantastic idea
2) Your grandparents and his grandparents met at a simcha and think it's a wonderful idea to set you two singles up-after all you're both looking to get married and if the grandparents hit it off...
3) You have brown hair and brown eyes and so does he!
4) Your mom is a special ed teacher and his is also-it must be a sign!
5) He just took his BA exam and you have your BA in ___=isn't it perfect
6) He is from an out of town city and you're from an out of town community 
7) His parents are divorced and yours are getting divorced, so you can both be a support system for each other-what a great way to start off
8) His sister just married into a large family and you're from a large family so I think you two will really hit it off 

Ok folks, add your dumb reasonings below


  1. No word of a lie, I once had a wannabe shadchanit set up a date because "I dunno... you just sound like you might get on." I - stupidly - went on the date. It wasn't too bad, but it was totally obviously a non-starter.
    (My longest-term and current girlfriend asked me out herself when we happened to meet and start talking, which I am convinced is a better system.)

    1. Figured it out by the second paragraph...but Anon's need to post M/F so we can all relate!

  2. I get similar to #1 - She's tall, but okay with a short guy (ignoring the fact that she lives across the country and nothing else is compatible).
    I can't think of any on the spot, but when they pop in, I'll post some.

  3. 1) He's tall and you're tall.

    2) He's not tall but likes tall girls and you're tall.

    3) He's working and you want a working boy.

    4) He's heimish and you're heimish, even if he isn't doing anything else.

    5) He's single and you're single.

    6) He breathes air and so do you.

  4. Stop blogging and start searching in earnest. It can be easy to get jaded by the system but one must eventually come to grips with what they want, and is it realistic, and are they making things harder than they realy should be.

  5. Blogging is just to blow off some steam, and doesn't take up that many hours in a day. Bashert is bashert, even if I spend every single other available moment "searching."