Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Never Judge

The last few years I was debating on posting an entire rant directed to my childhood friends and classmates. The girls I grew up with, had sleepovers, dormed together, went to camp for years and whose houses I practically lived in. The ones who would yap on the phone for hours on end each night, speaking of nothing but closer than sisters. Those girls who I'd spent my teen years with and who sadly, got married and have not kept in touch. Who, when by chance we do meet up or speak-has become awkward-even more awkward than a conversation with a stranger would be. 
My post would be all about how these girls know that I'm around and looking to get married yet never have once called, emailed, or texted. Never invited me to spend a Shabbos or meal at their home. To perhaps meet some of their married friends/neighbors or family to give me more exposure, etc. These were my close pals-I trusted them with my life and now we are but mere strangers of the past. The least they can do, especially when I receive group forwards from these girls, about recipe clu email groups, is to share my info or forward me names of shadchanim, organizations, boys or people who can help. Who needs to be part of a recipe group anyway?
Well folks, I never did post. I kept thinking that well, these girls are different now. They are busy with their husbands, children, new lifestyle, home, neighbors and other families. They don't have time to include me or have me in mind. I can't and shouldn't blame them for keeping in touch-they're probably not because either they don't have any ideas for me, or frankly they're just too busy with family life. 
Last week, my perspective changed. I bumped into an old friend of mine who was in town for her cousin's wedding. We chatted awkwardly and she asked me if I would mind if our little clan of neighborhood friends would have a small shidduch meeting to sit around the table and think up guys for me. 
Was I touched? Definitely
Was I surprised? H E double hockey sticks-YEH!
So put your chin up-things may seem dark and gloomy but there are some good people out there and someone somewhere is always thinking of u!

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