Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Date Wait

The Dry Spell. We all experience it at some point, and let's just say it as it is-it sucks. 
No one likes waiting around, in fact I absolutely can't stand sitting around doing nothing. Good thing I have a busy schedule and do extra chessed and other stuff to keep me too busy to worry about not dating!
But let's face it, no normal human being dates 24/7. Even when seriously dating, people need breaks. Sometimes a guy/girl can be too much too many. Other times it can be too intense. Some guys/girls will purposely take breaks from dating (and we've all heard that excuse from one shadchan too many when you never hear back about a guy).
But when there's nothin going on and there are no résumés coming your way, the phones aren't ringing or buzzing and there are no emails-that's when it reat hits home. Sitting alone, emailing, calling and texting shadchanim to remind them to keep you in mind, etc. It's sorta depressing. And right now, I'm having a dry spell. And if that isn't bad enough by itself, last 3 suggestions that came through were all terribly off. 
I pray that each of you don't have to experience dry spells and that if you do, it's only because it's your 'calm before the storm' (of emotions to lead up) to engagement!


  1. Boo. It sucks...but I've already attributed it to the Roller Coaster of Life.

  2. I don't have your email...so this is my contact with you:
    Probably best to have deleted all that...and don't listen to him, clearly has issues!

  3. The dry spells are terrible, and then when I get an email or suggestion or a phone call I get so excited, but upon closer scrutiny it is totally not shayach, and then I'm wishing I was back to the dry spell so I didn't have to feel so down. Blah.

  4. WM-thanks for ur advice, I deleted most of his comments.
    PL-we live parallel lives=creepy Hungarians!