Sunday, October 27, 2013

Credit to the Clasmates

I was set up with a guy quite a while back and unfortunately after just one date, it totally wasn't shayach. A few months after going out with him I received a phone call. It happened to be from a woman I called to find out info on this boy as I knew her and I knew she had friends who knew this boy & his family. 
The reason for her call was to tell me that this boy got engaged and to ask if I was interested in knowing HOW it came to be. 
To be honest, I was happy for him but didn't really care much as to how it happened. I figured either she'd tell me he said perek shira 40 days or a new segulah, etc. But as we all know, HASHEM is mezaveg zivugim, He is the Master Shadchan and everyone else who suggests or acts as a shadchan is just but a mere shliach.  
Well, this woman had helped me in my time of need and provided me with info on the guy I was gonna date so the least I could do was let her speak. Turns out, her story was indeed interesting. This boy was the last boy of his class who was still single. All his classmates decided to get together and sit down and try and find him a wife. So they arranged to meet up, spoke with their wives, sisters, friends, neighbors, etc and took it upon themselves to find this last classmate of theirs a future wife. And the first suggestion from this meeting of his class, went off and he got engaged. 
I couldn't help but be a little jealous upon hearing this 'Disney-ending' of a story. After all, we all went to school, had been in a class, friends with some, friendlier with others. Where are my classmates? Why aren't they getting together and looking out for me? Do they even care or are they busy with their own families?
To give credit where credit is due, I havta say that some of my classmates have set me up in the past. Believe it or not, they were not even my closest friends growing up or my besties in high school. They were girls who were part of my class but they still 'remembered' me and tried to help. I am grateful to those few, I truly am. 
As for the rest-I think, in the spirit of the parsha they read in Shul today, which is a parsha known for Shidduchim, each year at this time, or atleast once a month-as a Rosh Chodesh thing, all classes 'round the world should get together and hold mini reunions to try and help their respective classmates find their future mate.  

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