Monday, October 7, 2013

a Rainy Date

With the sucky weather lately, it sorta got me thinking. What did I do when it rained on dates? To be honest, I can't particularly remember anything but probably panicking at the last minute. I mean without the rain, there are so many rules of etiquette, let alone common manners and Shomer laws (and not to mention revolving door situations). For a girl it's much more of a downer (pun intended), I mean, think about the hair matzav, and then the umbrella, or is it TWO umbrellas? Does the guy come equipt with one himself and you walk together under the SAME umbrella? 
Anyhoo, to be honest, I guess I'm lucky that I don't remember any dates in the rain, or atleast if it was, I was probably thankful for an excuse as to 'bad weather' and 'isn't it dangerous to drive in such torrential downpours?' blond-girl naive remark to SAVE me from a bad date.
But really, for a first date, where rain is definitely in the forecast and is happening as your date shows up-what's the protocol?
Personally, this whole blogpost got me thinkin and I think the next Jewish item (Shabbos Lamp, Shabbos raincoats) should be Shidduch Ponchos-whaddaya think?


  1. Ive had rain dates. I brought an umbrella and figured the girl would do the same. The times that she didnt, well, for the minute from the car to wherever we were going we shares the umbrella. Not the end of the world in the least.

  2. I have yet to run into that situation...but I would just share an umbrella, with me being the one half out into the rain...not the end of the world.