Thursday, October 3, 2013


If you're reading this blog, then you sorta know a bit about me already and the fact that I'm not one of the taller girls. I'm short, I'll admit, and I have no problems with it. I don't feel like I missed out on anything, I don't really think it affected me. Sure, in elementary my teachers thought I was cute and yes, it was a perk going to theme parks and having them charge me the 'kiddie' rate, but at this stage in life I really didn't think it would be an 'issue'.
By that I mean, I thought I would have it easy-never having to worry about a guy being shorter than me  (yes, it happened to me but only once!) and didn't think guys would have an issue with a girl on the shorter side. HOWEVER, it seems that as time goes on, the dumbest things seem to be an 'issue' for the guys I'm being suggested to. If it's not the fact that I'm from out-of-town, it's that I'm not a professional. If it's cuz I'm not looking for a fulltime learner, it's because they heard I wear nailpolish (oh my!). Once it was a no since they found out I listen to the radio, and now the new excuse is because the guy wants a TALL(er) girl.
Meh! If they're single and at this age/stage and still have their own stupidities (sorry, guys & gals, I too had some specifics, but have come to realize now how subtle and superficial those specifics actually were) then they can keep them. They can keep on wanting, and I can keep my nice heels, platforms, and stilettos all for the dance floor :)
At this point in my life, I realize that things can only look up (pun intended) and this pic sums it all up.


  1. Weirdos. I like my girls short. They're just so much cuter.

  2. I like to think of it, not as 'short' but as 'fun-size' :D

  3. Most guys I know prefer short girls.
    But as a short guy, I can't begin to tell you how often I've been rejected (by girls shorter than me) for being "too short". It must've been over a dozen times now.

  4. Short girls are the best girls.
    The shorter the better.
    How tall are you, Shidduch Scene?