Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yom Tov-the Aftermath

A gutten vinter as we heimishe Hungarians say after sukkos. After a double 3 day Yom Tov i have lots to blog about.
Let's start with going to Shul. Yes folks, I'm a good Bais Yaakov girl, brought up by wonderful parents who instilled in me (amongst many other things) the importance of going to Shul on Shabbos/Yom Tov. So, as I do each week, I headed off to Shul sukkos morning to daven. Of course there were many more people, the out of town guests, the married kids, the in-laws, the cousins, etc. 
However in a category of their own are the old classmates. How awkward it had become to go to Shul and try and daven with kavannah when in my peripheral I notice the 'nebach' glances. What about during the selling of aliyos when they come over and try to make small talk but don't know how to talk to a 'single' as most of their convo is about their kids so it usually just ends up being even more awkward convo, eyes shifting everywhere, and then a comment to the likes of 'oh-so u still work at so&so as a so& so, right? Cute.'
Ya, I rather just pretend to be really frum and not talk in Shul at all. I tried that this year except I realized that leaving Shul was the problem-that's where everyone goes and congregates naturally, when Shul is over to head home. 
Yes, I'm single, yes, you're married & have ur own family. Does that change who we are and make us sooo different that we can't have a normal conversation? Marrieds. Please think about this. We just wanna chill like we used to, sometimes even reminisce. Most people I know haven't changed THAT drastically from way back in school/sem/camp. 

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