Thursday, October 24, 2013


So here's the deal: I know I've mentioned this before numerous times on this blog, but wouldn't it be an awesome idea to have shidduch VIDEO resumes? Forget the whole official document, who needs all the embellishments, the fancy adjectives, the babysitting jobs & GO activities since they were 12? A video would cover EVERYTHING. It wouldn't have to be longer than 2 minutes. That way, you get to actually SEE how the person being suggested looks, you can also tell along from body language-get to see a bit of the person's personality and hear about them first hand. It would be at the total discretion of the person whose video it is to speak about whatever he/she feels would sum them up in less than 2 minutes. That way, you would be able to tell what is important to them, what they want people to know about them and shows their Middos and what they care about. 
Am I the only one to think it's a good idea? You can password-protect it and/or make the video private but it would be much more helpful than a typed up resume and/or pic. 
Almost like this one of Schmidt from New Girl...(jk, we all know Schmidt is a bit too into himself)-hey atleast he added some humor to it.


  1. A guy might look at a lot of videos under the guise of looking for a shidduch, when he really just wants to get turned on. So untznius.

  2. I have an even better idea:
    Jewish women should stop spreading rumors about Jewish men that ruin their chances of getting married. I am amazed by Orthodox girls who unnecessarily blacken the reputations of dozens of Jewish men, and then they can’t understand why G_d gives them a hard time with: dating or childbirth or health or money.
    It seems to me that no matter how strict Orthodox girls are with what they eat and what they wear, they allow themselves to say anything they want about anyone they want any time they want.
    I have personally witnessed the most Orthodox ladies get together in groups of 3 for an hour. During that entire hour, the ONLY thing they do is exchange rumors about Jewish men. First they slander man #1. Then they slander man #2, then man #3, man #4, etc, until their meeting is finished, and their entire conversation is 100% prohibited by the Torah. My personal observation is that are taking revenge against men in general, and they are perfectly willing to falsely slander any Jewish man, even if he never harmed them.

  3. Hey.. firstly both your comments on this article are a little unfair. So Shmidt lives in LA and their idea of tznuis is different to that in NY, the guy looks good and I'm sure he will/has found a beautiful wife that's open and direct. Maybe she is more private than he is..

    I've found that many single frum woman are hiding behind the guise of 'privacy', their facebook/Google+/sawyouonsinai/other profiles (if they have) have only one photo or a couple available publicly.

    I do think a video profile is pretty cool, but not for everyone. I'd personally prefer to browse a set of photo albums or a diary/blog (like a well populated fb / G+ feed).

    On the other hand for some people this may be a bit too much information. It seems (and I'm struggling with this one) that intrigue is an important part of the first few interactions.

    From my experiences on sawyouatsinai, a few pics and basic profile is enough for most women to disqualify a man (without ever having heard a single thing about them). Even after a couple of phone calls it seems many women are still not ready for a skype video call.

    So... a video profile may be too much (for now at least)...